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IGI Certified

The International Gemmological Institute – IGI Is One Of The Leading Laboratories Across The Globe That Provides An Unbiased Opinion About Diamonds, Coloured Stones And Fine Jewellery.IGI’s Stringent Grading Processes Give The Buyer An Accurate Grade And Analysis Of The Diamond Or Jewellery That He Or She Intends To Purchase.

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GIA Certification Is A Widely Recognized And Trusted Credential In The Jewelry Industry. When A Gemstone, Particularly A Diamond, Is GIA Certified, It Means That It Has Undergone A Thorough And Rigorous Examination By GIA Gemmologists. The Certification Process Involves Assessing Various Aspects Of The Gemstone’s Quality, Including Its Cut, Color, Clarity, And Carat Weight.

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EGL Is Known For Having Different Grading Standards Compared To Some Other Gemological Laboratories, which Has Led To Varying Opinions On The Consistency And Reliability Of EGL-Certified Diamonds.